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Socio-professional integration of young girls from Songon, in Côte d’Ivoire.

The NGO AJAD – Aide à la Jeunesses Africaine défavorisé – fights against sexual violence (early marriages and pregnancies) of which young girls are victims.

With the support of the New Life Fund, the organisation will provide medical and psychological care for 10 girls. It will pay for the schooling of 4 girls to continue their studies. And it will create a production cooperative run by 6 out-of-school girls: 2 girls will be trained as seamstresses, 2 as hairdressers, 1 as a pastry chef and 1 as a decorator.

After their training, they will work in the field of events to dress and style the bride and groom, make birthday and wedding cakes, decorate cars and wedding halls. The economic benefits from the activities will restore their wounded image and allow them to live a new life, earning an honest living.

Also read the article Single and isolated mothers: the journey of the fighters on the website of Make Mothers Matter (MMS), with a link to a reportage on NCI, a new Cote d’Ivoire television channel (in French).

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