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Connected Women (Uganda).

Mobile phones are an essential item in most people’s lives as they are used in almost all areas that facilitate socioeconomic empowerment such as access to information, communication, financial inclusion and social protection.

Most rural women in Uganda do not have mobile phones, not only denying them an opportunity to access these services but also contributing to an increase in poverty, child marriage and gender-based violence.

The Connected Women project will be addressing this challenge through providing 300 at risk girls and young women in the West Nile Region of Uganda with mobile phone handsets and digital literacy on how best to use these handsets for socioeconomic empowerment and digital connection.

The 300 girls and young women are to be organized within 15 self-supporting groups of 20 people each in which they are also to be supported with training sessions on leadership, financial literacy, social protection and hands on skills through closely engaging with the guardians and families of the target beneficiaries.

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