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The 25 Girls Project.

In Uganda, one in four children 15-19 years is pregnant or has a baby, and only one in 10 teenage girls is able to return to school after giving birth. Instead, they are married off and face high risks of domestic violence, because of the unequal power relations with their older husbands.

Significant barriers exist for girls to access education such as poverty, cultural and social practices. Gender biases continue to inhibit girls and young women from enrolling in school at all levels and reaching pivotal learning milestones. These barriers have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

To mark 25 years since the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, and with the support of the New Life Fund, Education & Development Opportunity (EDOU) will implement The 25 Girls Project for education and skilling of 25 girls at-risk, victims of child marriage and teenage mothers in Uganda. EDOU will award 25 scholarships to girls for a one-year education and vocational apprenticeship program in Arts and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, to also break the stigma around girls in STEM subjects. EDOU will establish partnerships with tech, engineering, energy, media and broadcasting and finance companies and fashion schools to enroll girls at-risk and victims of child marriage in a nine-month training/apprenticeship program. The goal is to equip the girls with valuable, employable skills.

In addition, EDOU will run the Girls Dreams Labs to envision girls in self-awareness and train them in business and entrepreneurship to acquire practical skills and ability to start own businesses.


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