Awareness-raising campaign on gender equality for single farmer women and teenage mothers in North Kivu, DR Congo.

Mama Kivu’s partner organisations FEPSI (Femmes Engagées pour la Promotion de  la Santé Intégrale) and SOFEJEB (Solidarité des Organisations des Femmes et Jeunes Producteurs Agricoles) inform young single farmer women and teenage mothers in the Butembo and Lubero region (North Kivu) about their rights as women, the importance of health care and the dangers of invisible killers such as Ebola and covid-19. The women are in turn prepared to raise awareness on these issues within their own communities and networks.

With the support of the New Life Fund, in three months they hope to reach 450 women and girls directly – and many more indirectly.

In addition, they also plan broadcasts on these issues on different local radio stations in the region.

Mama Kivu