Assistance to victims of honour-related violence and forced marriages in the region of Mons.

The not-for-profit organisation Violences et Mariages forcés, created in July 2015, pursues two objectives:

Prevention through information, awareness-raising and training:

The organisation promotes awareness of the problems of honour-related violence and forced marriages among the general public by organising conferences and debates, poster campaigns and the distribution of leaflets.

It also organises training programmes for secondary school students and future professionals in the medical, paramedical, educational, psycho-social fields and for the police. It also provides training in non-violence from nursery school onwards to professionals in basic education, childcare workers and childcare providers, as well as students in training.

Action through multidisciplinary assistance to victims:

The organisation provides multidisciplinary and personalised care for victims of honour-related violence and forced marriages, by seeking secure accommodation and providing legal, psychological, social, medical, financial and educational assistance.

With the support of the New Life Fund, the organisation will be able to provide full support to at least 7 girls.

Violences et Mariages forcés