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The shadow pandemic: gender-based violence and COVID-19.

Panah, the first private shelter home in Karachi (Pakistan), plays a pivotal role in providing an option for women who want to escape violence and lead a life with dignity. Panah accommodates women who are under duress as a result of exercising their choice in marriage or divorce, forced marriages, victims of domestic violence such as sexual abuse, assault, exploitation, and under threat of honour killing or women seeking temporary refuge from other social injustices.

Panah’s vision is to actively support the creation of a society where women who are victims of violence regain their identity and dignity.

Panah’s mission is to provide a safe haven for women through crisis intervention and a wide range of holistic support services, including financial empowerment skills. This enables them to easily rehabilitate into society after they leave the shelter home.

With the support of the New Life Fund, Panah will

  • support at least 160 women residents who are affected by honor related violence or other social injustices by providing protection and care in shelter, and medical checkups for 12 months.
  • empower women through providing social support and valuable services, thereby protecting them, ensuring their rights and encouraging them to participate in development activities through Life skills, vocational training and any other means necessary.
  • provide initial legal facilities through retainer lawyer for residents to empower them with knowledge and help them to protect themselves and their families against abuse and violence.

Especially in the context of the “shadow pandemic”, where gender-based violence is rife due to COVID-19.

Panah Shelter

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